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Easter poem


This is a poem that may give one a better insight into and perspective of Easter.It is also a celebratory and appreciative poem.

O, Christ our Lord,Said nay to Luc’fer’s lies

Was pried nowhere for He died for I,

For you and I

Not shy to die he was,

For a necessary sacrifice ’twas

Masses passed and cursed the Lord,

‘Spite this, a classed man nursed the Lord

The centurions scurried

To carry the cross once nailed

Meek and weak, He was

Grabbed and stabbed,

Laughed at, our Lord

Praise never did Our Lord chase ;

The cross, his desire ’twas:

Well, He was not base

Death at noon and it began-

None but Christ could endure ; Our Lord!

After Hell that He bent

On the third He rose,

Forty hence ascension ;

Post cruc’fixion ascension

A valid valediction He gave, Our Lord

Forth He sent the Ghost ;

For us to be His Holy Host

We boast of the Ghost, for we are His Holy Host

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