Apart from st. Lucia, the day is also celebrated in Sweden, Norway, and also part of Finland. Saint Lucy was killed by Romans in 403C.E and became one of the earliest Christian martyrs. To honor her memory, a holiday known as The Festival of Light was created.

The Festival of Light traditionally marks the start of the Christmas season in Saint Lucia. Celebrated on the 13th of December, it is associated with Saint Lucia or Saint Lucy. The patron saint of light symbolizes the triumph of the conquering of darkness by light,  the overwhelming of evil by good, and the renewal of life.

At this time of year, it is tradition to make lanterns that were originally hung on doorways to illuminate the way. In the upcoming years, this has turned into a competition. Said competition kicks off on the first week of December. Adults as well as the younger group of the population take part. Lanterns are made from all sorts of materials and have different underlying themes. 

The celebration is best enjoyed on the eve of Saint Lucia Day. Starting with a Parade of lanterns together with a variety of Christmas songs and dance and a fireworks display, it will leave you wishing you were a citizen of this Caribbean island country. 

In Scandinavia, schools generally close around noon on the day of the festival so that families can prepare for the holiday. Traditionally, families observe St. Lucia’s Day in their homes by having the eldest daughter dress in white and serve coffee and baked goods. These include saffron bread and ginger biscuits to the other members of the family. During the day, these can also be served to guests.

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