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International sloth day


International sloth day was made in 2010 by the AIUNAU Foundation, a non-profit conservation, and wildlife organization based in Colombia that came up ‘cause of the need to contribute to the protection of wildlife, in particular Xenarthra.

Xenarthra is a major clade of placental mammals unique to the Americas. There are 31 living species: the anteaters, tree sloths, and armadillos.

Extinct xenarthrans are the glyptodonts, the ground sloths, and the aquatic sloths. They originated in South America during the Paleocene about 59 million years ago.

The unofficial holiday raises awareness about the life cycle and natural habitat of the Sloth.

Even though sloths live most of their lives upsidedown, they are amazing swimmers.

There are 6 species/ variations of sloth. These are – Pygmy three-toed, maned, pale-throated, brown, Linnaeus’ two-toed sloth and Hoffman’s two-toed sloth.

Generally, they are simply known as ‘two-toed’ and ‘three-toed’ sloths’. Some sloths are completely nocturnal, such as the two-toed sloth, but most sloths don’t do a lot day or night.

They usually spend 15 to twenty hours asleep, and only 4 – 9 hrs roaming in the woods.

Evidence suggests that once, giant ground sloths known as the megatherium/ the great beast once existed mainly in woodland and grassland environments of the lightly wooded areas of South America.

They are estimated to have been around 20ft or 6.1m tall and weighed 4tonnes.

Don’t be slothful and remember to celebrate sloths and appreciate them.

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