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How CoV has influenced people


Everyone in a mask and some gloves. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Instead, many have formed anti-mask leagues worldwide. Kind of like back in 1918.

They claim that the masks are irritating and uncomfortable. That is actually true.

Most surgical facemasks are coated with quaternary ammonium before use for pre-sanitization.

Quaternary ammonium compounds can cause toxic effects by all means of exposure.

They include; inhalation


                        Dermal application

                        Irrigation of body cavities


Mostly, people ingest and inhale these compounds. Apart from killing germs, ‘quats’ are lung irritants and can contribute to asthma and other breathing\respiratory illnesses. They also irritate the skin and lead to development of rashes.

                                                   (INCHEM, hunker.com)

The safest way to avoid illness by `quats’ is to properly wear your mask.

This was ignored when a man posted on social media that ingesting strong alcohols kills the virus in your throat and in your belly, the same way sanitizer kills surface germs.

People believed this even after W.H.O. nullified this `fact’.

Experts pointed out that frequent drinking weakens the immune system, making one more susceptible to the virus.

Gregory A. Poland, an expert on infectious diseases and a professor of medicine stated that “there is no direct research I am familiar with that directly links alcohol and CoV. Despite an absence of research, there is presence of harm. ‘’

There is a difference between alcohol consumption and misuse, though the line between the two is somewhat vague.

Kathy Jung, director of the National Institute Of alcohol Abuse and alcoholism ; division of metabolism and health effects (NIAAA) said that there’s really good evidence that short term alcohol misuse can suppress immune function , suppress the ability to defend against the respiratory infection in the short run.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (thecut.com, NIAAA)

In the long term, effects of alcohol misuse are more detrimental and include risk for respiratory infection, and even Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

ARDS is a condition seen mostly in more severe CoV cases.

                                                       (Mayo clinic)

A man, believing that he might have contracted the virus when he touched his face while at the store, drank 91% rubbing alcohol once he got home. He believed that this would help prevent contraction of the virus. Instead, it damaged his brain.

Rubbing alcohol’s real name is isopropyl alcohol.

Iso- means equal

Propan-a prefix denoting the quantity of three and referring to the number of carbons and alcohol meaning a chemical moiety of 1oxygen atom bound to 1 hydrogen atom.


In Iran, at least 27 Iranians died from alcohol poisoning.

Since Iran is an Islam country and consumption alcohol is not available, many turned to industrial grade alcohols, like the ones in sanitizers.

                      (national post)

In Kenya, after CS Mutahi Kagwe allowed pubs and bars with restaurants to reopen, sly Kenyans have found a way to beat government objectives. They had an excuse to misuse alcohol. They would order 2 beers and a sausage or two. This became so popular that if you ordered a Kagwe, everyone understood!

              (nairobinews.nation.co.ke, pulselive.co.ke, capitalfm.co.ke)

Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Kioko `Sonko’ made headlines when he distributed large amounts of alcohol and food to the Nairobians who couldn’t afford to dig into their own pockets. For a reason unknown to the public, he claimed that the particular cognac he was distributing, Hennessy® contained healing properties.

Later on, LMVH Moet Hennessy clarified that neither their cognac nor any other drink was a drug\ preventive measure against CoV.

Mike had endangered a lot of lives when he promoted it on air. He had unknowingly promoted alcohol misuse, especially among the youth and minors. In the long run, crime rate will increase, especially in the streets of Nairobi because of that mistake.                                                                                               (business.humanrights.org, LMVHMoet Hennessy, CNN)

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